OHAFC Mission Statement

The Old Harrovian Association Football Club’s mission is to create an environment in which Old Harrovians can maintain their link with the School and with each other through playing football. The Club exists to support all Old Harrovians with an interest in football and works to encourage and recruit existing school boys who enjoy the sport. OHAFC works with the School authorities and the Development Trust to the mutual benefit of The Club and The School.


  • Play focused, competitive football whilst always observing ‘The Arthurian League Spirit’
  • Show the utmost respect for your teammates, referees, opposition teams and all Arthurian League representatives
  • Develop the talents of our younger players
  • Foster a strong club culture and team spirit
  • Be proactive in taking the club forward both on and off the field
  • Ensure that the club is financially self-sufficient


  • At all times to achieve an average hospitality rating of 9/10
  • Aim to win Bill Chivers Sportsmanship Trophy each season


  • Sign all current members up on standing orders at appropriate rates
  • Pursue energetic recruitment programme


  • Keep attendances to 15 or more throughout every season


  • Actively market and encourage the use of the Club website for all playing and non-playing members