AGM Update: Andy Butler steps down as President

18 Jul 2022

The 2022 OHAFC AGM was held in central London on July 6th with fourteen officers and past officers of the club present.

Chairman Quentin Baker ran the meeting, ably assisted by Secretary Kyri Pittalis.

The main points to come from the AGM are summarised below:

  • Following many years of service to the Club as player, captain, and Chairman, Andy Butler is to step down from his role as Club President ahead of the new season. Andy has been proposed as a Vice President of the Club in recognition of his contributions to the OHAFC down the years

  • Quentin Baker takes over as President, with David Lederman becoming Chairman

  • Dan Firoozan is the new 1st XI skipper, taking over from Fraser McGuinness, who stands down after three years in the hotseat. Dan will be assisted by Ed Beecham, who is the new 1s vice-captain

  • The 3rd XI will be run by a leadership group of Tom Mitchell, Olly Roberts & Charlie Lupton

  • Over £5,000 is still owed by players in subs from last season

  • Encouragingly, 59 school leavers have registered their interest in playing for the club once their school days are over - a new record number of young OHs

  • Mikey Watford takes over the reigns as Festiphil organiser

  • Mikey will also be involved in running OHAFC training in the new season, alongside 2s skipper Geoff Taunton-Collins and former 3s skipper Ed Nicholson