Fantasy League title goes to the wire!

17 May 2024

Just as the actual Premier League title race has gone right down to the final day, so too the OHAFC Fantasy Premier League will be decided on Sunday as just five points separate long-time leader Tristan David and his main pursuer Ed Stewart.

For weeks it seemed as if Trizza would run away with the League, enjoying a healthy lead over all his rivals throughout the first few months of the year. But Fantasy has, this season at least, mirrored real life: as his beloved Arsenal began to crack under the pressure, so too did chinks appear in Tristan's chip strategy and Ed has slowly reeled in the points lead to move within touching distance ahead of the final weekend of the season.


Both the two leaders, who enjoy a 54 point lead over third-placed Fraser McGuinness, played their Bench Boost chips in the penultimate week and both scored over the 100-point mark - but neither could quite earn sufficient points to decide the destination of the title. Ed's 122 points reduced the arrears by 18, although four substitutions cost him 8 points, Tristan only spending four on a couple of changes. Both players captained Erling Haaland, who must be fancied to score big in Manchester City's final fixture at home to West Ham.

Whoever comes out on top once the final whistle blows will add their name to the illustrious list of previous winners stretching back to 2013. Both Tristan and Ed finished inside the top four last season behind current champion Charlie Stebbings, who took the title with an impressive score of 2,552 pts, second only to Ed Poulter's 2,582 pts achieved the season before.

Will Tristan hold on to claim the title he believes is rightfully his? Or will Ed sneak in from behind to ensure a double dose of final day misery for the Gooners - specialists in failure as Jose Mourinho once perceptively described them. We don't have long to wait to find out...