Luke de Rougemont to undergo further tests on injured eye

27 Oct 2012

Luke de Rougemont has now left Moorfields Eye Hospital in the city and will undergo further tests on his injured eye next week.

The 1st XI striker was hurt in an aerial challenge during Saturday's 2-1 defeat of Chigwell in the first round of the Arthur Dunn Cup and was immediately led off the field and taken to Northwick Park Hospital by Fred Woolley. Luke had a small bruise under his left eye and the iris was clearly bloodshot, the vision in the eye was significantly diminished.

After initial diagnosis there, it was deemed necessary for him to be taken to Moorfields Hospital, an arduous journey not helped by the fact an ambulance would not have been available for several hours.

However the news on Saturday night was more positive with the vision slowly returning to Luke's eye. He will undergo further tests on it during the week.

Everyone at the club wishes Luke a full and quick receovery and huge thanks are due to Fred and Jackie Woolley who ensured that Luke got to the hospital as quickly as possible and his car and belongings were safely returned from the Hill.