1981 - Florida


The season culminated with an Easter Tour to Miami, the tourists playing six matches in ten days against good opposition. Charlie Hall organised this ambitious and enterprising event which takes its place in this history as one of the Club’s greatest achievements. So much for ‘soon burning itself out’.

OHAFC lost 5-1 to Florida International University. The opposition was mostly made up of what looked like Brazilian semi pro's who celebrated elaborately by performing 'loop the loops' everytime they netted. The game started well after Jimmy Phillips somehow found himself with the ball at his feet in front of goal and put the OH's 1-0 up within 90 seconds. The game could have finished 25-1 but for some excellent defending and a lot of luck.

  • year


  • venue

    Florida, USA

  • tour captain

    Charles Hall


  • Andrew Bayne Bert Worthy
  • Guy Stille Simon Greenwell
  • Mike Keenan Jimmy Phillips
  • Eric Sumner Al Lees
  • Nigel Hughes Jeremy Balcombe
  • Charles Hall Al Stewart
  • Tony Ward Anthony McWhirter